The Eye Test and OCT Scanner

The major advancement in recent years for eye healthcare came with the arrival of the OCT (optical coherence tomography) scanner. This painless, non-invasive optical scan quickly allows the practitioner to see the retina in much greater detail and, in doing so, to more accurately diagnose eye conditions and make appropriate referrals. Very subtle signs of glaucoma can be observed before manifesting as visual symptoms, so earlier referrals are possible and treatments can be started sooner. More accurate judgements can also be made on the treatment options for certain types of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

A private sight test includes an OCT scan and costs £45, while NHS patients are encouraged to opt for the scan as a £25 add-on.

Enhanced Eyecare

We are providers of an enhanced eyecare service through Evolutio. This is a specialist community ophthalmology service, covered by the NHS, for Dorset patients experiencing specific symptoms requiring urgent attention. Signs or symptoms covered by the program include an acute red eye, sore eyes or flashes or floaters in the vision.

Post-op cataract assessments

We’ve linked up with Yeovil District Hospital to provide aftercare assessments for patients who have recently undergone cataract surgery at the Yeatman Hospital. At the appointment the post-op health of your eyes will be assessed as well as finding out whether glasses are necessary.


The video below explains more about the benefits of an OCT scan.