We use ophthalmic lenses with high quality optics from both independent laboratories and larger optical suppliers such as Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss.

Thin Lenses

Advancements in lens plastics now allow for much thinner and lighter lenses even for patients who need stronger prescriptions.

Lens Coatings

Modern lens coatings can provide protection against scratches as well as minimising reflections and glare. Our high quality anti-reflection coatings from Nikon, Essilor and Zeiss also filter out harmful UV light and are much more resistant to grease and smearing that inferior coatings are prone to.


Varifocal lenses give their wearer the ability to smoothly change between longer distance and near vision, a difficulty that usually becomes noticeable for people in their 40s.

The standard of varifocal lenses on the general market can differ wildly, but our high quality ranges allow for the widest possible field of view, with a seamless transition between long distance and near focusing.


Bifocal lenses are a more traditional design for the correction of both longer distance and near vision, with a visible separation line on the lens.

Occupational/Office Lenses

Computer screens are often awkward distances to focus on causing eyestrain and neck ache. Occupational lenses provide a more specific focus on the computer screen as well as allowing a clear focus for closer reading.

Learn more about Nikon lenses and lens coatings below.